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Civil Law

Civil Law is all about the protection of civilians. It concerns all legal issues that concern families, buying or selling goods, conflicts between neighbours, etc.
Civil Law includes Property Law, Contract Law , Inheritance Law and family law.
This legal practice area is by far the most common of law cases.

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Criminal Law

Criminal Law concerns society crimes. Stealing, murder, theft, money laundering, kidnapping are some of the most common examples of Criminal crimes. In today’s technologically advanced world cyber crime, cyber attacks, hacking , online child pornography have also been added to Criminal Law.

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Corporate Law

The Republic of Cyprus with its favourable business environment, taxation system and strategic location attracts companies from all around the world. Cyprus, European and international laws come into force such as double Taxation Treaties that may be applicable for your business.

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Christos M. Triantafyllides founded his Law Firm in May 1980. The law firm has a team of 11 qualified Lawyers. It also employs Lawyers in all the other towns of Cyprus where it also has offices. Additionally, it has set up co-operations with Law Firms at various countries. The Firm, through the years, has handled cases dealing with all the areas of the Law and its Lawyers have appeared before Courts of all jurisdictions in Cyprus and before the European Court of Human Rights. It represents clients, both as individuals and legal entities both in Cyprus and from other countries.


Christos M. Triantafyllides
Chief Executive Officer - Lawyer

Eleni Liatsou

Demetris Michaelides

Niki Kleanthous

Maria P. Kyriakou

Anita Soloukidou

Ioanna Papamiltiadous

Evripides K. Manoulos

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Ioanna Kodjiapashi

Dolly Triantafyllides

Ioanna Kantonidou

"Justice in the life and conduct of the State is possible only as first it resides in the hearts and souls of the citizens. " - Plato
Contract law
Contract law concerns a legal enforceable agreement between at least two entities that each are expected to have a legitimate commitment. Our team will draft the suitable agreement for whatever type of contract you may be interested either for you as an individual or for your company.
Property law
Property law deals with real estate. If you need legal advice in order to invest in real estate, buy, sell or rent property our services can serve your best interest in today’s globalised real estate market.
Inheritance law
This includes wills, inheritance claims, interpretation of wills etc.
Family law
Family law includes all family matters such as child abduction, child care and support, divorce, separation agreements, property division, adoption, etc. Family law also includes wills and probate in Cyprus. The importance of drafting a will is sometimes neglected leading to pending legal matters in case of a sudden death. Our qualified lawyers explain the law, corresponding provisions and provide you the information needed for your individual case.
Cyprus Investment Programme

 In accordance with the legislation in force in the Republic of Cyprus established to attract foreign direct investment and high-income natural persons to establish and operate in Cyprus, the Republic has established the "Cyprus Investment Program".

Some of the goals of the above program are

  • Increase in economic activity
  • Stimulating demand in important sectors of the economy
  • Creating new jobs

In order to be eligible, the investors concerned must be Non-Cypriot Citizens who

  • either personally
  • or as shareholders of companies
  • either through their investments in person or through their spouses or jointly with their spouses
  • or as senior executives of companies

meet the relevant terms and conditions and may apply for the acquisition of Cypriot citizenship by way of exception.

Our office is an Accredited Service Provider from the competent authorities of the Republic and can take your theoretical and practical guidance in relation to the Cyprus Investment Program.

Labor law
The growing and thriving business environment in Cyprus makes labor law more demanding than ever before. Working hours of employees, health and safety issues, redundancy, benefits and remuneration are but a few of the legal labor issues that are of concern here.
Administrative law
Administrative Law deals with public officers, administrative contacts or decisions for administrative agencies such as Internal Revenue services etc.
Competition law
Competition law in Cyprus complies with EU regulations and provisions. Competition law safeguards against any practices that prevent or restrict competition such as anti-competitive agreements or restrictive practices arising from mergers.
Maritime law
Cyprus, with its main ports in Limassol and Larnaca is a leader in maritime transports. Maritime law helps regulate vessel registration, ship sales, purchases and freight disputes etc. Contact us with your specific needs and our Lawyers specialised on maritime law will provide you with the necessary legal advice.
Arbitration law
Arbitration is an alternative way of resolving disputes outside a court. Parties involved mutually agree to have an impartial person whose decision in their dispute will be binding. There are many advantages to the arbitration process for the individuals involved. The parties may choose the place and language of the arbitration and the process is time and cost-effective. The Arbitration law in Cyprus poses no restriction on the kind of litigation the Arbitral Tribunal may resolve. In addition, disputes can be solved for domestic or inte